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Recap: May 08 Triangle Tweetup

Last night a group of more than 60 Raleigh-Durham, NC twitter users gathered for Triangle Tweetup 2.0. It was a great event that brought the online community offline. Wayne Sutton organized the event which is the second twitter meet up to be held this year in Raleigh. These types of meetups are important because it [...]

May Triangle Social Media Club Recap: Flickr

If my memory is correct we had about 15 folks come out to the May Triangle Social Media Club meeting. We met at Edge Office in downtown Raleigh which is a great facility. The topic for last night was Flickr, which I admit is not a service I use that much, but will use more [...]

Offline Summer Reading

Heat and humidity have rolled into Raleigh, NC meaning that summer is almost here. With summer comes the need for some books to aid in offline reading while traveling or on vacation. Ben Wills has a great list of social media related books that he found through twitter. while Ben’s list is a very good [...]

This Is Why Design Matters

This video is sweet, who thought a table could show the value of great design. Just watch!

Get Employees To Blog, Twitter, and Participate Online?

The major issue when communicating through social media is not the tools, rather the people. Often companies and organizations want to communicate using social media but don’t have someone in their organization that will participate online. What can be done? Option 1: Hire Someone New This option is the easiest but also the least likely [...]

Social Media: A Small Business Owners Sales Force

I have long thought that social media was a game changer for small business owners for many reasons. However, recently it has become obvious to me that Social Media is not just an online extension of the word of mouth marketing that has always been a staple of successful small businesses. Social Media Is The [...]

Why Brightkite Works

I was reading this post by Todd Mundt about is recent thoughts on Brightkite and it inspired me to write my own post. See Todd’s explanation of Brightkite: Brightkite  you share your current location (to a level of accuracy that you control) with friends and others; you can create notes, ala twitter, and you can [...]

Why Digital Capitalism? Why Now?

The obvious questions are: Why did I wait so long to start this blog? and Why this particular blog? Well I have many answers. I have been involved with and learning about social media for about the last three years. I have helped many others start their own blogs, but never took the time to [...]