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The “Rule of 10 Percent” and Why It Matters

Ok so I have a few rules that I live by.  I have collected these rules from the smartest people in my life. The first I share with you is what I call "the rule of  10 percent."  This rule started with my Grandfather DeBona, a brilliant man who has he battled cancer continued to [...]

Search People!

Whether you are buying a TV, Starting a blog or looking for a invite to a new web application. Remember to use web and vertical search engines. For example if you are looking for a beta code to join a site like, then do a search to search messages on twitter that would [...]

Biz Stone Says No Paying For Twitter

In a recent interview with ZDnet Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone says that it is important to keep Twitter as a free service. I agree with him on that, but I would gladly pay for a pro version of twitter that had additional features. That being said before they do anything they have to improve their [...]

Skitch Rocks

I often need to take screen shots, edit them and share them with others. It has always been a pain, but Skitch does these things better than any other application I have ever used. I am a huge fan and it is easily one of the best applications of the year. I could tell you [...]

Time Warner Setting Bandwidth Caps

FAIL In today’s worst idea, Ars Technica is reporting that “Time Warner Cable will launch a trial program on Thursday which will impose monthly Internet consumption caps on new subscribers in Beaumont, Texas. Following a two-month grace period, cable users will pay $1 for each additional gigabyte consumed beyond the cap.” Why this is a [...]


By now I am sure all of you have been to which has been a popular internet meme for more than a year now. Today though I saw this cool site that lets you translate into LOL Cat speak. It is pretty funny give it a try!

Lee Lefever’s: Social Media in Plain English

Below is another must watch video from Lee Lefever’s Common Craft. Social Media in Plain English from leelefever on Vimeo.