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Rant: Best Buy Stop Killing The Trees And Wasting My Time!

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Social Media and Accelerated Buying Descisions

This morning something interesting happened, that I thought outlined how social media does and will impact consumer buy choices. Jeff Tippett posted a message on twitter that he was thinking about buying a skype phone and package. Then less than an hour later his mind had completely changed, thanks to recommendations from his twitter followers. [...]

I Couldn’t Have Said it Better Myself

Today I read a great post by Todd Defren which helps to point out the McCain Campain’s new online effort that looks and smells like astroturfing. I couldn’t agree more with Todd’s post and thought he did a great job of outlining his points. It was so good, I had to share it with all [...]

BarCampRDU: My Thoughts

Damn! We have some brilliant people living here in the Raleigh-Durham area and Saturday‚Äôs BarCamp RDU was proof of that.  More than 200 people participated in nearly 50 sessions ranging in topics from "How to Accelerate Failure in a Start Up " to "Home and Landing Page Designs". We all gathered at Red Hat the [...]

Why Don’t All Bands Do This?

I love music, and also believe that the music industry is doing a terrible job of making money, especially on the web. One of my favorite bands is the Counting Crows and over the weekend they launch a new site, Live Counting Crows. The sole purpose of this site is to let fans purchase live [...]