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Motrin’s Headache: Marketers and SEO Extend Pain Reliever’s Crisis

Over the weekend a crisis began to unfold for Motrin. It was result of a new online ad that began running Saturday. I have embeded the ad below in case you haven’t seen it, but it caused a lot of anger from the “mommy blogging” community. From this anger came an endless stint of tweets [...]

The Economy Sucks! How To Prepare Yourself For The Rebound

So we have known for a while now  that the U.S. economy is not in good condition, but in recent weeks we are seeing continued evidence that job losses are going to increase and the economy maybe be in a bad place for awhile. Recently several folks have written posts discussing this issue and how [...]

Uncase Study: How Flemings Steakhouse Could Use Social Media To Be The Expert In Steak

Note About “Uncase Studies”: Traditionally case studies are used to describe how a company or organization solved a problem. Others with similar problems can then use the case study to understand how they may solve their own problems. I will be writing an ongoing series of “uncase studies” that will outline what companies or organizations [...]

Corporate Twittering: 6 Ways Companies Should Be Using Twitter

Twitter, the popular microblogging tool that I have posted about many times before, because it is one of my favorites, is becoming more and more mainstream.  As Twitter crosses into the mainstream, more companies are signing up with the hope of marketing and building customer communities. Most companies are not maximizing their full Twitter potential. [...]

Podcasting Sponsorships Don’t Scale: 5 ideas For Monetizing Podcasts

Podcasting use is also rising and now reaches 18% of the US population, up from 13% a year ago according to this report. It is still a young platform for distributing content, but one I believe will be successful in the future as more people become comfortable getting their audio and video online thanks to [...]

How To Become a Learning Jedi Part II: 24 People That Can Make You Smarter

Last month I wrote a post about becoming a learning Jedi in less than 30 minutes. One of the points that I made in that post had to do with letting other people aggregate information for you, to make it easier for you to learn. This is the the most important way to learn online [...]