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Social Media Is Useless

Social media is completely useless, it can accomplish nothing. We talk about the newest applications and social networks as if they are the cure all for solving every problem. They aren’t the solution, people are. Social media serves as a catalyst that can allow people to build communities to solve problems, support causes, teach, sell, [...]

Professional Organizations Suck!: Change The Model

Most professional organizations suck, they are costly and don’t deliver enough value to their members. Please tell you that you don’t hesitate when you sign and annual dues check thinking “what has being a member done for me?” I am not picking on any one organization in fairness pretty much all of them have major [...]

3 URL Shorteners To Improve Sharing and Measurement

URL shorteners are one of the things that many people sharing information on the web overlook. They try to send long URL’s within their social networks and many times the end up getting broken.  The bigger issue is that the majority of people using social media are missing a huge opportunity to understand what their [...]

Spam Sucks, But The Twitter Community Rocks!

Spam sucks! Yesterday, someone created a spam twitter account with a spoof of my user name.  My user name is @kbodnar32 and the spammer used @kbodnar32_. This spammer created this account to try and promote an e-book. I spent about 30-45 minutes reporting the spammer and thanking members of the twitter community for letting me [...]

How To Use Micro Video For Marketing and Consumer Research

Video has become an extremely popular topic on the web since Google’s purchase of Youtube, which now seems like forever ago. One component of video that is under discussed in terms of marketing is micro video. To me micro video is really any video that is less than 90 seconds which is the limit on [...]

How Obama’s “Social” Inauguration Changed Traditional Media

Today we saw Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States take office, and I expect him to to do many things in his first term as our president, but today he did one really big thing, that should not go unnoticed. Today, Obama started a true shift in how we as a society [...]

Writers Wanted: Social Media B2B Contributors

During my years of observing social media discussions across all communities, the discussions normally focus on social media as it relates to general consumers. Their is an obvious reason that the conversation has centered primarily around them, but I would like to see a discussion grow around the use of social media and B2B organization. [...]

Uncase Study: How Intrawest Could Integrate Social Media To Become King Of The Mountain

Note About “Uncase Studies”: Traditionally case studies are used to describe how a company or organization solved a problem. Others with similar problems can then use the case study to understand how they may solve their own problems. I will be writing an ongoing series of “uncase studies” that will outline what companies or organizations [...]

Social Media Marketing and B2B : A Conversation with Dell’s Richard Binhammer

A while back I asked Richard Binhammer to answer a few questions of mine on the topic of social media and business-to-business (B2B) marketing. I tried to keep the questions generic in an attempt to let him take his own direction with his answers and I think he did that extremely well. Much of the [...]

Seth Godin Video: Social Networking And Business

Seth Godin the much beloved marketing guru, did a quick interview following the an event in which he talks about the business application of social networking. While agree with much of what Seth says in this short response, I would say that their is a point to having many connections on social networks: learning! I [...]