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CoTweet: Web-based Tool For Corporate Tweeting

Twitter is hot right now, I mean it is freakin on fire. I can’t turn on the TV without a TV news person asking me to tweet them.

Uncase Study: How AFLAC Should Assemble A Social Media Team To Build For Long-term Success

This week Forrester’s Jeremiah Owyang sent a message on Twitter about a posting on his job board by Aflac, who is looking for a new/social media marketing person. I think it is really interesting to see how large companies are going about creating social media teams and integrating them into the overall organization.

How To Use Twitter To Help Market Events

Yesterday we held our second meeting of Social Media Breakfast Raleigh. We had a great turnout and I would like to thank everyone who came out to participate. As part of the event I asked Jeff Cohen to speak for a few minutes talking about how the volunteers of Raleigh Twestival used Twitter to market [...]

How To Use FriendFeed And Why You Should

FriendFeed is a service that I did not adopt right a way. Mainly because I didn’t appreciate the value of what it had to offer. When I first registered, they didn’t have many users. In the past few months I have come back to FriendFeed and realized its value as a platform to discover news and have micro conversations around news, images, and videos.

Is Social Media Corrupting Our Vision For The Future?

Last week, I sat in front of the computer and watched one of the best interviews on technology, innovation and the social web that I have ever seen. Marc Andreessen’s interview with Charlie Rose was a captivating and engaging view into one of the pioneers on the web that developed technology that directly impacts how we all use the Internet today.

AirBed & Breakfast: Couch Surfing Meets Orbitz

Some times web apps need a renaissance to fully be discovered. With so many new apps launching every week, I find myself going back and rediscovering apps as they become more relevant to my life. In the case of AirBed & Breakfast this is a web service that I think we see growth due to our current economic recession.

Social Media Isn’t Free

Just like everything else in life, social media isn’t free, far from it. Free is the lure that got most of us started in social media and the fact that it was new and shiny didn’t hurt either.

You Have Been Tweeting So Long That…

Twitter is growing so fast now, that I thought I would make this fun list for all of us old school twitter users. You have have been tweeting so long that… You remember when Twhirl and Tweetdeck didn’t exist You are still surprised that Twitter doesn’t crash and you kinda miss seeing the Fail Whale [...]

How To Use Brightkite

I have recived a lot of questions lately about Brightkite recently and why people should use it. Here is a quick walk through video of the interface and a discussion on the value of using the service.

Blog Transfer Update

Hey all, if you haven’t noticed by now I have made some big changes with my blog. I have switched from Typepad to a self-hosted WordPress blog (a post is coming soon on the reason for the switch) That is was posting as been low in the past week becasue I have been spending all [...]