CoTweet: Web-based Tool For Corporate Tweeting

Twitter is hot right now, I mean it is freakin on fire. I can’t turn on the TV without a TV news person asking me to tweet them.  Needless to say all of this new found Twitter love makes me happy that I started being a part of the Twitter community nearly two years ago.

With all of this news coverage also comes new users. Where users go companies follow. Companies from all industries in and outside or technology have been joining Twitter in the past year. The problem with running a corporate twitter account is that often multiple people contribute to only one account, which can make it hard to know if anyone has responded to the accounts replies or direct messages. Enter CoTweet, a new web service launched last week with the goal of making it easy for companies to manage their Twitter accounts.

For the full run down on CoTweet please watch my brief video review:

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  1. I did a video walk through of @cotweet Interesting service. Worth checking out if you are a company on Twitter:

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  2. Awesome! @kbodnar32 did a video overview of @CoTweet before we could even get around to it. Thanks Kipp! ^JE

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  3. @dshaw re:cotags. video at … it’s basically something between a bot/client … hafta search through google, not twitter

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