You Have Been Tweeting So Long That…

Twitter is growing so fast now, that I thought I would make this fun list for all of us old school twitter users.

You have have been tweeting so long that…

  1. You remember when Twhirl and Tweetdeck didn’t exist
  2. You are still surprised that Twitter doesn’t crash and you kinda miss seeing the Fail Whale
  3. You remember the “Track” feature
  4. You remember when IM posting worked
  5. You remember that their was no search feature, then you remember using Terraminds search, then finally Sumize
  6. You remember how well Sumize worked before Twitter bought it.
  7. You remember when virtually no companies were on Twitter
  8. You remember when Chris Brogan use to tweet his phone number for “Calls Chris” what seemed like everyday.
  9. You remember when no one had custom backgrounds
  10. You remember a time when Twitter was free of spam and auto direct messages
  11. You remember that their wasn’t even a reply button on the web interface
  12. You remember when all of the people who are joining twitter right now said it was stupid a year or two ago :)

OK so what did I forget? Please add yours in the comments and then I will update the blog post! Big thanks tweeps.

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6 Responses to “You Have Been Tweeting So Long That…”

  1. You have have been tweeting so long that you remember when web 2.0 was the new cool, the words social and media together didn’t make sense and people thought being a twitterholic was a crime!

  2. I remember when twitter was so quiet it was nice to receive the odd tweet via SMS on you mobile in the UK.

  3. You remember when you said “Are you on Twitter?” and got glassy-eyed looks.

  4. You remember when Guy Kawasaki’s Tweets didn’t end in “”

  5. I was one of those that said it was stupid last year.


  6. Stefan: I still get glassy-eyed looks when I talk to people about Twitter. Latest studies indicate that 11% of US adult internet users use Twitter or other conversational networking sites (I don’t call it microblogging because it is not). And the majority of the other 89% have never even heard of twitter.

    The people who joined Twitter in the last 3 months are still early adopters. Even the people who join in the next 6 months will be early adopters. We have a long way to go before Twitter is mainstream.


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