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iPhone App Review: Skype Bring VOIP To The iPhone

Skype a few years ago as the hottest messaging client around, it was eventually purchased and then experienced a decline in its user base. People traditionally have usedSkype for making free or very cheap voice calls to their friends and family. Today Skype generated a lot of interested with the release of its iPhone application, which allows user to make free calls to other users from their iphone.

I Have A Strong Hunch About A New Startup

Hunch is a new start up that launched at the end of last week, that has been getting a lot of attention. Hunch is all about helping people make decisions. After using the site for about 24 hours, I am pretty blown away by its simplicity and relevancy. I have my complete thoughts and walk through in the video below.

Publishing Online Is Not About The Equipment

I spend a good bit of my free time creating content online in all forms: written, images, and video. One of the questions people most often ask is what type of video camera do you use? or what mic are you using? The short answer is, that it doesn’t matter. Equipment doesn’t make your video more interesting, you do. Ithink a lot of time we get caught up on the equipment, so that we don’t have to focus on the hard issues, like being interesting.

Nobody Should Want To Be A Social Media Expert

All around the social media industry their is a constant complaining about people that call themselves “Social Media Experts” or “Social Media Gurus”. Most of this discussion centers around the fact that most people calling themselves these titles know very little about social media. That is the wrong thing to focus on. We should be focusing on the bigger issue. NONE of us should want to be social media experts. This is not a good long term goal. It doesn’t scale. All media is quickly becoming social, meaning the idea of a social media expert is far to general.

Twitter Is Public Word Of Mouth

Don’t shoot me. I know you and everyone else on this planet is sick of hearing about Twitter every time they turn on the TV or the computer. Twitter is so over-saturated and exposed that it is hard not to be completely fed up with the frenzy. However, with this frenzy has come a lot of new interest in Twitter and I have received many questions asking: “Why is Twitter so great?” “What makes it better than my blog orFacebook?” “Why do I need yet another service?”

Sponsorships Should Be More About Feedback and Less About Promotion

Recently, I began thinking about the idea of event sponsorships and how social media tools like Twitter and Facebook could change the way companies approach sponsorship opportunities

Announcing A Discussion At The Intersection of Social Media and B2B

Several weeks and a blog redesign ago I asked for people who would be interested in in writing about social media’s impact on B2B companies. I had many great responses and I am working to put together a great group of writer during the course of this year.  Today I want to officially announce the [...]

Social Media’s Secret Sauce…

Everyone wants to know the secret to winning in a world dominated be social media. Well I am going to tell it to you:

“Create valuable and engaging content and tell people about it”

That is it…… Those who are succeeding in social media are doing that. More importantly they are doing it rather than talking about doing it.

Can Location and Facebook Connect Solve Web 2.0′s Chicken and Egg Problem?

Since the beginning of the social web economy savvy start up entrepreneurs have had to face one major obstacle in their quest for fame and riches. By their nature social web applications need a large population of users to become useful. So how to you get users to use a service before their are really enough people on it to make it useful? This problem has been the downfall of many great ideas and million is venture capital funding.

PR Pros MUST Become Creators and Curators Of Valuable Content

It is my contention that to be successful in the 21st century that public relations professionals have to become better listeners and more over MUST become creators and curators of valuable information. Meaning that PR people regardless if they work at an agency or in a corporation need to counsel their clients that the communication model has changed. Gatekeepers are breaking down and companies now have the ability to talk directly with their consumers through user generated content and search engines. The question that companies must ask themselves is what do they have to say that their customer wants to listen to.