Humanizing The Corporation Key To Sucess In Social Media

Some corporations get it and others don’t. While at SXSW Interactive this past week Chris Brogan organized a flash panel with social media leads from some of America’s most well-known corporations including Pepsi, JetBlue, Crocs, AMD, Best Buy, and General Motors. I was able to record the entire panel (note: it is shaky in the beginning but then I switch to a tripod) and I recommend watching the video as these companies had strong insights about using social media and integrating it into large corporations.

The theme they all talked about is humanizing the brand. To humanize a brand in today’s two-way communication world, you have to personalize your brand.  When personalizing a brand their are three important steps: listening, engaging and creating value. How does your company do these three things? How could they do it better?

What was you favorite nugget of information from the panel?

Big thanks to Chris and all of the panel speakers for putting on this event.

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  1. Full video of @chrisbrogan ’s SXSWi Flash Panel on “Corporations and Social Media” in my blog post here:

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  2. note: this post contains video of Chris Brogan’s entire SXSWi Flash Panel on corporations and social media.

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