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Facebook’s API Will Change Marketing Forever

Note: This post was written prior to Facebook’s formal announcement detailing which data sets will be accessible by third party developers. The web is flooded with news everyday, most of it trivial, but every once in a while we get a day that is a true game changer. Today is that day for all marketers. [...]

101 Uses for Twitter

The following list was created by Jeff Cohen, who blogs at, and Kipp Bodnar, who blogs at, and yes, it is completely coincidental that both blogs have digital as the first word. Since Twitter is still on the top of everyone’s mind, we thought it would be a good time to document 101 [...]

E-Commerce Evolving: Crowd Sourcing and Competive Discounting

As the social web grows up, their is a lot of discussions on making money, but not a lot of specifics discussed. Better yet, few examples of companies innovating to increase sales in new ways. E-Commerce is nothing new to the web, but has the web gets social it to has to change. I stumbled [...]

Tweetie Arrives On The Mac…But Is It Worth It?

Tweetie has long been mine and many others favorite Twitter iPhone application.  Today its developer released his long awaited desktop version of Tweetie for Mac OS X. So how does it stack up. It is good, really good. However, it is also different, it isn’t a take over your screen application like Tweetdeck, Nambu, and [...]

Pretend You Have 10,000 Readers

The beauty of the self publishing platform that is the Internet is that most bloggers and contents creators start out at zero: 0 readers, 0 posts, and 0 everything. This is also the major reason that many blogs don’t get thousands of readers. Blogging, writing, and hell even life is about expectations. When you right blog posts that you think no one will read, they most likely will suck and you will be inclined to write less often then you really need to inorder to build an audience.

Silly Kids, Social Media Is About Action

Winning in the emerging social economy is about taking action. It is not about having 10 great blog post ideas, instead it is about publishing one great post. The social web is kind of like Darwinism for hustle. Those who hustle and take action; win. Those who sit around and talk about their “great” ideas lose. Chris Brogan, isn’t the smartest person on the web, but many think so because he is disciplined enough to publish frequent content that is also thought provoking.

APIs Are The Next Marketing Platform

In the toady’s 30 second span world, we spend much of our time asking each other what is next. In marketing it was the web, then search, then blogging, then social media, but what really is next? Last week David Armano, made a big announcement that he was going to join Jeff Dachis and Peter Kim at the Dachis Corporation to focus on social business design. After reading David’s post it spurred me to write a post I have been kicking around in my head about the “future” of marketing.

Twitter Desktop App Showdown: Which Twitter Desktop App Is the Best?

Twitter is really hot right now, which means the number of third-party applications developed using the Twiter API is growing rapidly. One of the largest sectors for growth is the desktop Twitter application market. Most people that use Twitter do so through desktop applications instead of the Twitter web interface. Most Twitter desktop applications are built using Adobe’s AIR platform and use the twitter API to allow users to send and receive messages and use Twitter search.

3 Changes To Make FriendFeed Relevant To More Than Nerds

Right now FriendFeed is currently a nerds only hang out. For FriendFeed to grow it needs to add mainstream users. The recent release of the new beta version is trying to accomplish that, but it is still missing a few things. I have 3 (really 4) suggestions to FriendFeed on how it should change its [...]