Pretend You Have 10,000 Readers


The beauty of the self publishing platform that is the Internet is that most bloggers and contents creators start out at zero: 0 readers, 0 posts, and 0 everything. This is also the major reason that many blogs don’t get thousands of readers. Blogging, writing, and hell even life is about expectations. When you right blog posts that you think no one will read, they most likely will suck and you will be inclined to write less often then you really need to inorder to build an audience.

What If You Had 10,000 Readers?
If writing for no one makes you a crappy writer then shouldn’t writing for thousands make you better? Yes, it is all about competition and exceptions. First you need to make sure that you really do care about what you will be blogging, vlogging, tweeting, etc. about, because if you don’t care you will be worse then boring.

What if you:

  • pretended that  10,000 people we going to read whatever it is you are writing about. Would that change what you were writing?
  • asked yourself “is this really interesting, would I read it?”
  • made it a competition i.e. have X number of readers in 30 days. X number of subscribers in 90 days. etc.
  • asked yourself “is this really how I sound? Am I covering up the real me because I think people don’t want to hear it” Stop doing that NOW

You Don’t Have To Know It All
Ignore people that talk condescendingly about blog SEO, blogrolls, and all of the other things that you MUST know about blogging. Honestly those things are really nice to do and can help a lot, but trying to learn it all at once will be confusing and stop you from actually creating compelling content. You will figure it out, it really isn’t that hard. We all want it to be cool, so that we can be cool, but the truth it is good writing which is nothing new…

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4 Responses to “Pretend You Have 10,000 Readers”

  1. I like the point you made about writing as if you’re doing it for the world. Definitely a good way to motivate yourself to write better.

  2. These are all great tips Kipp. So many people are caught up in the echo chamber and following the super-influencers that I don’t think they can hear themselves think, let alone tap into their inner creative voice to do what you suggest here. I feel that independent thinkers will prevail. The bandwagon seems like the best place to be at the moment but it is not a place to hunker down. I agree..write! Write like your life depends on it. Learn the rest along the way. I am a great testament to that theory.
    Angela Connor | @communitygirl

  3. Yes, well written content will always get you readers. If you write something that you find interesting then the chances are there will be others who find it interesting too. But, writing is hard! It’s not for everyone, so I guess if you can’t write then you have no place having a blog in the first place…

  4. Enjoyed this article this afternoon – – ‘Pretend You Have 10,000 Readers’ It’s inspiring – I never thought of it before!

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