Silly Kids, Social Media Is About Action


Winning in the emerging social economy is about taking action. It is not about having 10 great blog post ideas, instead it is about publishing one great post. The social web is kind of like Darwinism for hustle. Those who hustle and take action; win. Those who sit around and talk about their “great” ideas lose. Chris Brogan, isn’t the smartest person on the web, but many think so because he is disciplined enough to publish frequent content that is also thought provoking.

Being First Is Better Than Being Better
Individuals and companies need to get of the idea of “waiting for perfection” out of their thick skulls. The web is about revisions. Online, it is quick and cheap to edit or change something almost anything. Failing to realize this will only result in failure.

Take a look at Twitter. By traditional business standards it would have been a complete failure. Here is a company that doesn’t have a model to make money, a service which was down and unusable through much of its start up phase, and an inferior technology platform.  All of those things are true. Services like Pownce, Rejaw, and were all better services that were more stable.

So how did Twitter succeed? They were first. Now Twitter is the only word you hear on the TV and Pownce doens’t even exist. If you don’t think this applies to traditional businesses doing business online, then you are fooling yourself and your employees.

With Action Comes A Plan
If you have read this far then you must agree with me or must be a complete sadist. If social media is about action then every person or organization should then have an action plan right? What would that look like?

Keep it simple. I use a plan that works like this (though I use different numbers and have some added layers):

Each Day Do The Following:

  • Publish 1 Blog Post or Video
  • Leave 5 comments on relevant industry blogs
  • Learn 1 new application
  • Share 20 links that you think will help others
  • Offer to help 1 person with a project
  • Read one piece of in depth research or information that is longer than a blog post.

Sure it is a lot, but it works. This is only a mockup of a plan, I suggest you create one that works well for you.

Now tell me, how do you hustle?

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  1. Great post Kipp, I hustle by:
    Recording a daily podcast with you ( ) #shamelessplug
    Reading tons of rss feeds a day
    Leaving comments (text and video)
    Hosting live Q&A video shows
    Attend local tech meetups
    Provide links that I think are useful to my community
    Participate in conversations about the industry and more.

    Overall you have to have hustle but you need to have balance too. Balance in life online and offline.

    Regardless, keep hustling!

  2. Sharing: –> Silly Kids, Social Media Is About Action from @kbodnar32

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  3. Silly Kids, Social Media Is About Action — How do you Hustle?

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  4. Short but sweet post from @kbodnar32 on hustlin to meet your social media goals (incl. a simple plan)

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  5. Hm, hustle? What do I do…

    *I say thanks, and try to add value to comments when I am so inspired. I do bookmark what I find in RSS and go back later to share on twitter or blog about, reference what I’ve bookmarked.

    I read industry related blogs and news sources and participate in various online communities.

    –Measurement is a part I struggle with. If I am in the groove and jumping from here to there getting comments out and having valuable conversations I’m generally in a different mindset than I am when I say, “okay, how much of this and that have I done – will I do?”

  6. Reading: “Silly Kids, Social Media Is About Action | Digital Capitalism” ( )

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  7. I’m not the smartest? Oh crap.

    Yeah I hustle. It’s how I get the job done. (Hat tip, Big Daddy Kane).

  8. Chris,

    I didn’t say you weren’t smart :) their may be a few out there, but we don’t know about them, because they don’t hustle.

  9. Measurement is always hard. That is where goals come in. If you have good goals you can measure success.

  10. Social media is about action, about getting there first, pushing the envelope and claiming the spoils.. or is it?

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  11. Social media and marketing is about action from @kbodnar32

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  12. Reading: “Silly Kids, Social Media Is About Action” (doing #4 of the 6-step daily plan) ( )

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  13. Great post…great picture. I think the share X number of posts is a little much. Sharing 2 or 3 really insightful pieces can be quite good. Or sharing 3 with your 3 micro-groups of followers might work too.

    Still getting over Brogan referencing Big Daddy Kane!?!?!! I had NO idea!

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