5 Reasons I Am Joining HubSpot

Change can be challenging, but at its core, it is truly exciting.

I am joining the marketing team at HubSpot in Cambridge, MA.

For nearly six years, I have lived in Raleigh, NC and loved every second of it. It is hands down one of the best places to live in the U.S. The social media community in Raleigh is thriving, and I am proud that I was able to be a part of it from the beginning. It has grown to a level of activity that I am not sure anyone expected. In making this change, I leave an amazing community behind, but Wayne, Jeff, Ryan and others will keep the Triangle one of the leading social media communities in the U.S.

Leaving Raleigh also means saying goodbye to my friends and coworkers at Howard, Merrell & Partners (HM&P). If you are looking for a full-service agency who is capable of great strategy and execution, then hire them. I mean it. They rock. I have learned a lot working with the smart people and clients of HM&P, and I leave convinced that the agency’s work will only continue to be stellar!

Raleigh will always feel like home and there is much I will miss. But it is time to look forward.

5 Reasons I Am Joining HubSpot

1. I Want To Change The World

At their core, I think everyone wants to change the world. I am no different. HubSpot is already changing the world. They have transformed the way that businesses market their products and services using the Internet. Inbound marketing is the future of business development. HubSpot has gone from an early stage start-up to a more than 100 person company that has taken the clear lead in the inbound marketing industry.

2. HubSpot Is A Platform, Not A Product

If you have spent more than five minutes talking to me, then you likely know that I firmly believe that great businesses in the future will focus on platforms instead of products. HubSpot has successfully created a platform that helps business owners more efficiently generate leads and sell products and services. HubSpot’s platform is similar in potential and scale to those built by other great companies, like Apple and Google.

3. Taking B2B Social Media To The Next Level

I have spent the last year contributing to SocialMediaB2B.com, a multi-author blog I started with Jeff Cohen. During the course of the past year, I realized that a great deal of education is needed to help B2B companies understand and improve how they use the Internet to grow their business. HubSpot has been helping B2B companies learn since the company started. This opportunity provides me with the ability to help more business owners understand B2B social media.

4. Marketing Services Are Becoming Commoditized

Marketing services companies, from big agencies to consultants, are about to go through a major change. Ideas and great content are more valuable now than ever before. However, the business models and structure of service-based companies are going to change due to the democratization of media, reduced point of entry into marketing provided by the web, and increased focused on ROI. The recent launch of the new HubSpot Service Marketplace provides solid insight into how the industry is likely to change and how HubSpot is positioned to succeed in this evolving market.

5. HubSpot Is Defining An Industry

HubSpot created the inbound marketing industry and is shaping how it evolves in the future. Being involved with a talented group of people who also have the opportunity to shape an entire industry is a rare opportunity.

I will be part of the marketing team at HubSpot, focusing a large part of my time making the HubSpot Blog the best Internet marketing blog on the web. I am excited to join the amazing team at HubSpot and becoming a part of the Boston community.

Thanks to my friends, family, colleagues, and especially my amazing wife, who have supported me during this transition.

If you want to learn more about HubSpot, please feel free to contact me at: KBodnarATHubSpotDOTcom

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  2. Kip, this is awesome…I’m glad we share similar enthusiasm about the things going on over at Hubspot, what an opportunity! Looking forward to working with you.

  3. Kipp Bodnar Joins HubSpot | Digital Capitalism http://bit.ly/aid8Z7

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

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