What Resumes Should Look Like On The iPad

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Apple’s iPad is falling victim to the hype machine, creating fanboys and detractors each day. The bottom line is, that like the iPad or not, we need this type of device to support societal changes that are already beginning to happen. This tablet device category, in which the iPad is one of many emerging devices, doesn’t aim to replace your laptop or desktop, not even your netbook. The iPad is gunning to make paper obsolete.

In thinking a lot about the potential of the iPad and other like tablet devices as well as what is happening in our world today, a specific use case for the iPad came to mind. Today I am sharing it with all of you in the hope that we can make it a reality.

One of the most antiquated pieces of paper right now is the resume. People talk about how computers and technology have become a critical component of of most jobs. If this is the case, then why are most of us walking around with paper resumes and no way to actually showcase the work we do?

Lets change this.

Now Is Finally Time

I believe that this is a problem that hasn’t been able to be solved before, because we didn’t have the technology to solve it. Companies like Visual CV have tried. The problem is that these service besides lacking important features, were meant to be consumed by someone in front of a computer. Computers aren’t around in most job interviews.

What If Every Job Seeker Could Present Like Steve Jobs?
The biggest issue with LinkedIn and Visual CV some of the most popular digital resume services, is that they have no presentation aspect. When Apple unveils a new product we are all in awe of the presentation and the fan fair of this new invention. What if we could all be Steve Jobs when we present our most important product: ourselves. The iPad gives us that ability.

This idea started after seeing what Wired has planned for the iPad.

Changing The Employment Game

Imagine if you walk into a your next job interview and instead of unzipping a folder and pulling out a paper resume, you took out an iPad and your resume looked something like this:

Imagine with me here that you walk into a job interview. First you introduce yourself. Next you take out an iPad and set it on the table between you and the person interviewing you. You turn it on and your resume appears, but this isn’t the same boring text resume that you have always used (though it is there if they want to see it) Instead they see a clean screen with different skills sets they had identified as being important to the job.

You touch an icon that is about communication skills and it opens video of you giving presentations, along with slide presentations that you have used in the past. This completely changes how people get to present themselves. Imagine that you are an accountant and could open a spreadsheet to show an example of an important problem you solved with just one touch.

If someone walked into meet with you and did this, wouldn’t you hire them? I would. Better yet this information actually tells us what the person can do, unlike an hour of idle chat and trite questions.

Whose Coming With Me
It is up to us, the early adopter community to help make this a reality. This couldn’t be done before. The iPhone is to small and laptops are too clunky. The time for this solution is now.

Do you want to help make this happen? Then e-mail me: kipp.bodnarATgmailDOTcom Do you want to use an app like this in the future to help land a job? Then please leave a comment below.

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  1. Had trouble seeing anyway I’d use the #iPad, but this sounds quite beneficial: http://tinyurl.com/yhtyn8m. Now how to afford it w/o a job

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  2. Had trouble seeing anyway I’d use the #iPad, but this sounds quite beneficial: http://tinyurl.com/yhtyn8m.

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

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