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iPhone App Review: Skype Bring VOIP To The iPhone

Skype a few years ago as the hottest messaging client around, it was eventually purchased and then experienced a decline in its user base. People traditionally have usedSkype for making free or very cheap voice calls to their friends and family. Today Skype generated a lot of interested with the release of its iPhone application, which allows user to make free calls to other users from their iphone.

Experiment: Do People Really know about QR Codes?

I have talked about QR Codes a few times in the past, mainly because I see them as a great opportunity to bridge the physical and digital worlds. For a quick refresher QR codes are two dimensional bar codes that can be printed on anything from a packing slip to a movie poster. These codes serve as a portal to some type of digital action: Web site, video, text message, and even a phone call.

iPhone App Review: iReddit

Social news site Reddit has a very loyal community and can be a great source of information. How does it translate to the iPhone? Is it worth $1.99? Watch and find out: