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5 Reasons I Am Joining HubSpot

Change can be challenging, but at its core, it is truly exciting. I am joining the marketing team at HubSpot in Cambridge, MA. For nearly six years, I have lived in Raleigh, NC and loved every second of it. It is hands down one of the best places to live in the U.S. The social [...]

Announcing North Carolina Wine TV

So things have been quiet here at Digital Capitalism for many reasons. The first I needed to take a break from the hardcore social media echo chamber, the second is that things over at Social Media B2B are going crazy good, and finally because I have launched a new personal project.  Jeff Cohen and I [...]

Pretend You Have 10,000 Readers

The beauty of the self publishing platform that is the Internet is that most bloggers and contents creators start out at zero: 0 readers, 0 posts, and 0 everything. This is also the major reason that many blogs don’t get thousands of readers. Blogging, writing, and hell even life is about expectations. When you right blog posts that you think no one will read, they most likely will suck and you will be inclined to write less often then you really need to inorder to build an audience.

Silly Kids, Social Media Is About Action

Winning in the emerging social economy is about taking action. It is not about having 10 great blog post ideas, instead it is about publishing one great post. The social web is kind of like Darwinism for hustle. Those who hustle and take action; win. Those who sit around and talk about their “great” ideas lose. Chris Brogan, isn’t the smartest person on the web, but many think so because he is disciplined enough to publish frequent content that is also thought provoking.

Publishing Online Is Not About The Equipment

I spend a good bit of my free time creating content online in all forms: written, images, and video. One of the questions people most often ask is what type of video camera do you use? or what mic are you using? The short answer is, that it doesn’t matter. Equipment doesn’t make your video more interesting, you do. Ithink a lot of time we get caught up on the equipment, so that we don’t have to focus on the hard issues, like being interesting.

Social Media’s Secret Sauce…

Everyone wants to know the secret to winning in a world dominated be social media. Well I am going to tell it to you:

“Create valuable and engaging content and tell people about it”

That is it…… Those who are succeeding in social media are doing that. More importantly they are doing it rather than talking about doing it.

Can Location and Facebook Connect Solve Web 2.0′s Chicken and Egg Problem?

Since the beginning of the social web economy savvy start up entrepreneurs have had to face one major obstacle in their quest for fame and riches. By their nature social web applications need a large population of users to become useful. So how to you get users to use a service before their are really enough people on it to make it useful? This problem has been the downfall of many great ideas and million is venture capital funding.

Is Social Media Corrupting Our Vision For The Future?

Last week, I sat in front of the computer and watched one of the best interviews on technology, innovation and the social web that I have ever seen. Marc Andreessen’s interview with Charlie Rose was a captivating and engaging view into one of the pioneers on the web that developed technology that directly impacts how we all use the Internet today.

Social Media Isn’t Free

Just like everything else in life, social media isn’t free, far from it. Free is the lure that got most of us started in social media and the fact that it was new and shiny didn’t hurt either.

How Obama’s “Social” Inauguration Changed Traditional Media

Today we saw Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States take office, and I expect him to to do many things in his first term as our president, but today he did one really big thing, that should not go unnoticed. Today, Obama started a true shift in how we as a society [...]