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What Resumes Should Look Like On The iPad

Apple’s iPad is falling victim to the hype machine, creating fanboys and detractors each day. The bottom line is, that like the iPad or not, we need this type of device to support societal changes that are already beginning to happen. This tablet device category, in which the iPad is one of many emerging devices, [...]

A Conference Must Have

Power for laptops and cell phones is always in short supply at events. This mini power strip with outlets and USB ports is a travel must for me.

14 things Lessons Learned from Matt Mullenweg at WordCampRDU

This is a great recap by my good friend Wayne Sutton about this past weekend’s Word Camp in Durham. 14 things I learned about Matt Mullenweg and WordPress at WordCampRDU | Social Wayne, Wayne Sutton ‘s Blog. If you don’t have time to read his post my big conclusions are: 1. Videopress is a game [...]

Publishing Online Is Not About The Equipment

I spend a good bit of my free time creating content online in all forms: written, images, and video. One of the questions people most often ask is what type of video camera do you use? or what mic are you using? The short answer is, that it doesn’t matter. Equipment doesn’t make your video more interesting, you do. Ithink a lot of time we get caught up on the equipment, so that we don’t have to focus on the hard issues, like being interesting.

Can Location and Facebook Connect Solve Web 2.0′s Chicken and Egg Problem?

Since the beginning of the social web economy savvy start up entrepreneurs have had to face one major obstacle in their quest for fame and riches. By their nature social web applications need a large population of users to become useful. So how to you get users to use a service before their are really enough people on it to make it useful? This problem has been the downfall of many great ideas and million is venture capital funding.

The Next Best Thing To Being There: How To follow SXSW Online

This week marks the start of one of the years biggest interactive conferences: South By South West Interactive in Austin, TX. While this will be 5 days of none stop discussions on all things related to interactive communications, social media and the future of the web, not everyone can make it to Austin. In this difficult economic year many people will not have the time or the resources to make it. Because of this I have put together a list of the best ways to follow all of the SXSW action online.

How To Use FriendFeed And Why You Should

FriendFeed is a service that I did not adopt right a way. Mainly because I didn’t appreciate the value of what it had to offer. When I first registered, they didn’t have many users. In the past few months I have come back to FriendFeed and realized its value as a platform to discover news and have micro conversations around news, images, and videos.

Is Social Media Corrupting Our Vision For The Future?

Last week, I sat in front of the computer and watched one of the best interviews on technology, innovation and the social web that I have ever seen. Marc Andreessen’s interview with Charlie Rose was a captivating and engaging view into one of the pioneers on the web that developed technology that directly impacts how we all use the Internet today.

Social Media Isn’t Free

Just like everything else in life, social media isn’t free, far from it. Free is the lure that got most of us started in social media and the fact that it was new and shiny didn’t hurt either.

How To Use Brightkite

I have recived a lot of questions lately about Brightkite recently and why people should use it. Here is a quick walk through video of the interface and a discussion on the value of using the service.