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101 Uses for Twitter

The following list was created by Jeff Cohen, who blogs at, and Kipp Bodnar, who blogs at, and yes, it is completely coincidental that both blogs have digital as the first word. Since Twitter is still on the top of everyone’s mind, we thought it would be a good time to document 101 [...]

E-Commerce Evolving: Crowd Sourcing and Competive Discounting

As the social web grows up, their is a lot of discussions on making money, but not a lot of specifics discussed. Better yet, few examples of companies innovating to increase sales in new ways. E-Commerce is nothing new to the web, but has the web gets social it to has to change. I stumbled [...]

Twitter Desktop App Showdown: Which Twitter Desktop App Is the Best?

Twitter is really hot right now, which means the number of third-party applications developed using the Twiter API is growing rapidly. One of the largest sectors for growth is the desktop Twitter application market. Most people that use Twitter do so through desktop applications instead of the Twitter web interface. Most Twitter desktop applications are built using Adobe’s AIR platform and use the twitter API to allow users to send and receive messages and use Twitter search.

Twitter Is Public Word Of Mouth

Don’t shoot me. I know you and everyone else on this planet is sick of hearing about Twitter every time they turn on the TV or the computer. Twitter is so over-saturated and exposed that it is hard not to be completely fed up with the frenzy. However, with this frenzy has come a lot of new interest in Twitter and I have received many questions asking: “Why is Twitter so great?” “What makes it better than my blog orFacebook?” “Why do I need yet another service?”

Humanizing The Corporation Key To Sucess In Social Media

Some corporations get it and others don’t. While at SXSW Interactive this past week Chris Brogan organized a flash panel with social media leads from some of America’s most well-known corporations including Pepsi, JetBlue, Crocs, AMD, Best Buy, and General Motors. I was able to record the entire panel (note: it is shaky in the beginning but then I switch to a tripod) and I recommend watching the video as these companies had strong insights about using social media and integrating it into large corporations.

6 Reasons Facebook Is Not A Threat To Twitter

Today the interwebs are buzzing with the latest announcments from Facebook. With today’s announcements Facebook is taking direct aim at Twitter. It has been reported, that last year Facebook tried to by Twitter for $500 million and Twitter declined. Twitter is really hot right now and many celebrities and businesses are using Twitter to reach their fans. With these two groups goes a lot of money and potential for being profitable. That is why today Facebook rolled out changes to its service to make it more real-time, like twitter and removing friend caps and private pages to make it more celebrity friendly.

CoTweet: Web-based Tool For Corporate Tweeting

Twitter is hot right now, I mean it is freakin on fire. I can’t turn on the TV without a TV news person asking me to tweet them.

How To Use Twitter To Help Market Events

Yesterday we held our second meeting of Social Media Breakfast Raleigh. We had a great turnout and I would like to thank everyone who came out to participate. As part of the event I asked Jeff Cohen to speak for a few minutes talking about how the volunteers of Raleigh Twestival used Twitter to market [...]

You Have Been Tweeting So Long That…

Twitter is growing so fast now, that I thought I would make this fun list for all of us old school twitter users. You have have been tweeting so long that… You remember when Twhirl and Tweetdeck didn’t exist You are still surprised that Twitter doesn’t crash and you kinda miss seeing the Fail Whale [...]

Personal Branding Is The Side Benefit Of Being Credible

Sometimes a quick exchange on Twitter can be more powerful than a incredibly in depth blog post. Today was one of the times. I had an interesting exchange with Beth Harte and Ike Pigott about personal branding which is always a highly controversial topic. The exchange centered around the fact that personal branding shouldn’t be [...]