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Video: Improving Your Site’s Search Engine Optimization

The video below is courtesy of our friends at Google that discusses how to test Web sites using Google Web site Optimizer.

Twitter Desktop App Showdown: Which Twitter Desktop App Is the Best?

Twitter is really hot right now, which means the number of third-party applications developed using the Twiter API is growing rapidly. One of the largest sectors for growth is the desktop Twitter application market. Most people that use Twitter do so through desktop applications instead of the Twitter web interface. Most Twitter desktop applications are built using Adobe’s AIR platform and use the twitter API to allow users to send and receive messages and use Twitter search.

3 Changes To Make FriendFeed Relevant To More Than Nerds

Right now FriendFeed is currently a nerds only hang out. For FriendFeed to grow it needs to add mainstream users. The recent release of the new beta version is trying to accomplish that, but it is still missing a few things. I have 3 (really 4) suggestions to FriendFeed on how it should change its [...]

Publishing Online Is Not About The Equipment

I spend a good bit of my free time creating content online in all forms: written, images, and video. One of the questions people most often ask is what type of video camera do you use? or what mic are you using? The short answer is, that it doesn’t matter. Equipment doesn’t make your video more interesting, you do. Ithink a lot of time we get caught up on the equipment, so that we don’t have to focus on the hard issues, like being interesting.

Sponsorships Should Be More About Feedback and Less About Promotion

Recently, I began thinking about the idea of event sponsorships and how social media tools like Twitter and Facebook could change the way companies approach sponsorship opportunities

Humanizing The Corporation Key To Sucess In Social Media

Some corporations get it and others don’t. While at SXSW Interactive this past week Chris Brogan organized a flash panel with social media leads from some of America’s most well-known corporations including Pepsi, JetBlue, Crocs, AMD, Best Buy, and General Motors. I was able to record the entire panel (note: it is shaky in the beginning but then I switch to a tripod) and I recommend watching the video as these companies had strong insights about using social media and integrating it into large corporations.

Experiment: Do People Really know about QR Codes?

I have talked about QR Codes a few times in the past, mainly because I see them as a great opportunity to bridge the physical and digital worlds. For a quick refresher QR codes are two dimensional bar codes that can be printed on anything from a packing slip to a movie poster. These codes serve as a portal to some type of digital action: Web site, video, text message, and even a phone call.

Examining Trends To Make You Sound Smarter

One of the best things about the social web and the Internet in general is the access it provides to people’s reactions. Services like Twitter search make monitoring for real-time reactions and trends free and easy. Understanding trends helps each of us to better comment and provide feedback on trending issues.

How To Use Twitter To Help Market Events

Yesterday we held our second meeting of Social Media Breakfast Raleigh. We had a great turnout and I would like to thank everyone who came out to participate. As part of the event I asked Jeff Cohen to speak for a few minutes talking about how the volunteers of Raleigh Twestival used Twitter to market [...]

How To Use Brightkite

I have recived a lot of questions lately about Brightkite recently and why people should use it. Here is a quick walk through video of the interface and a discussion on the value of using the service.