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Curation Gets Easy With Storify

Storify is a new company that focuses on curation. Curation is the practice of group online content together in a valuable way for your readers or community. I am very impressed with this app in my initial usage. You can check out a quick “story” that I put together for interesting B2B social media articles. [...]

What Resumes Should Look Like On The iPad

Apple’s iPad is falling victim to the hype machine, creating fanboys and detractors each day. The bottom line is, that like the iPad or not, we need this type of device to support societal changes that are already beginning to happen. This tablet device category, in which the iPad is one of many emerging devices, [...]

14 things Lessons Learned from Matt Mullenweg at WordCampRDU

This is a great recap by my good friend Wayne Sutton about this past weekend’s Word Camp in Durham. 14 things I learned about Matt Mullenweg and WordPress at WordCampRDU | Social Wayne, Wayne Sutton ‘s Blog. If you don’t have time to read his post my big conclusions are: 1. Videopress is a game [...]

Facebook’s API Will Change Marketing Forever

Note: This post was written prior to Facebook’s formal announcement detailing which data sets will be accessible by third party developers. The web is flooded with news everyday, most of it trivial, but every once in a while we get a day that is a true game changer. Today is that day for all marketers. [...]

APIs Are The Next Marketing Platform

In the toady’s 30 second span world, we spend much of our time asking each other what is next. In marketing it was the web, then search, then blogging, then social media, but what really is next? Last week David Armano, made a big announcement that he was going to join Jeff Dachis and Peter Kim at the Dachis Corporation to focus on social business design. After reading David’s post it spurred me to write a post I have been kicking around in my head about the “future” of marketing.

Twitter Desktop App Showdown: Which Twitter Desktop App Is the Best?

Twitter is really hot right now, which means the number of third-party applications developed using the Twiter API is growing rapidly. One of the largest sectors for growth is the desktop Twitter application market. Most people that use Twitter do so through desktop applications instead of the Twitter web interface. Most Twitter desktop applications are built using Adobe’s AIR platform and use the twitter API to allow users to send and receive messages and use Twitter search.

3 Changes To Make FriendFeed Relevant To More Than Nerds

Right now FriendFeed is currently a nerds only hang out. For FriendFeed to grow it needs to add mainstream users. The recent release of the new beta version is trying to accomplish that, but it is still missing a few things. I have 3 (really 4) suggestions to FriendFeed on how it should change its [...]

iPhone App Review: Skype Bring VOIP To The iPhone

Skype a few years ago as the hottest messaging client around, it was eventually purchased and then experienced a decline in its user base. People traditionally have usedSkype for making free or very cheap voice calls to their friends and family. Today Skype generated a lot of interested with the release of its iPhone application, which allows user to make free calls to other users from their iphone.

I Have A Strong Hunch About A New Startup

Hunch is a new start up that launched at the end of last week, that has been getting a lot of attention. Hunch is all about helping people make decisions. After using the site for about 24 hours, I am pretty blown away by its simplicity and relevancy. I have my complete thoughts and walk through in the video below.

Humanizing The Corporation Key To Sucess In Social Media

Some corporations get it and others don’t. While at SXSW Interactive this past week Chris Brogan organized a flash panel with social media leads from some of America’s most well-known corporations including Pepsi, JetBlue, Crocs, AMD, Best Buy, and General Motors. I was able to record the entire panel (note: it is shaky in the beginning but then I switch to a tripod) and I recommend watching the video as these companies had strong insights about using social media and integrating it into large corporations.