Kipp Bodnar teaches organizations how social web applications can be applied to help them achieve business objectives. (please see sample presentation topics below) Please review Kipp’s biography and visual CV for his background and experience. Kipp is extremely passionate when he speaks, he has devoted his career to understanding and mastering the implications of the social web.

Kipp grew up in a home of educators, this has given him a strong ability to customize and break-down is presentations so they are easily digestible by each audience. His way of teaching while also inspiring allows his message to resonate strongly.

He has spoken at many private and public events including Social Media Club Raleigh-Durham, Blog Carolinas, TIE Carolinas, as well as many others.

Email Kipp to make a speaking request ( Kipp.Bodnar at gmail dot com).

Speaking Topics:

Who needs A Seat At The Table? How to determine how to integrate Social Media into your business – Many organizations what to use social web applications to reach internal and external audiences, however many only think of social media as a “marketing” function or a “public relations” function. The truth is that depending on the structure of a company, a variety of departments need to be integrated into the use of social media ranging from human resources to customer service.  In this presentation the audience will learn the best ways to determine who needs a seat at the “social media” table.

What Is A blog? A Beginners Guide to Social Media - Many people don’t know what Facebook is or how social networks work. This is the same for a variety of social tools from blogs to wikis. This discussion is a primer to educate those who know very little about social web applications and offers them information that empowers them to get started on their own.

Creating Online Content that Your Audiences Care About While Driving Traffic - Creating engaging web content is not easy and it is a different medium then print and other forms of traditional media. Creating content that is interesting is just part of the equation, many other factors contribute to the effectiveness of online content including linkability, timeliness and polarization. Through this presentation determine the factors to consider and how to best leverage them for your own interests.

Downloadable Media: How To Start and Promote a Podcast - Only about 10 percent of Internet users consume podcasts, but that number is growing quickly. As devices such as the iPhone, gain in popularity, downloadable media will become a central component of daily life. This presentation talks about the different forms of downloadable media and provides the audience with specific steps and advice for starting and promoting their own podcast.

Don’t Waste Time Surfing the Web: How Social Media Can Make You Better At Your Job - So many people waste hours each week surfing the Internet. What are they looking for? Most are looking for a way to pass time. This presentation provides a  step-by-step guide for people to change their online behaviors to allow them to become better at their current job or help them succeed in the career they have always wanted to pursue.

Many other topics are possible as well, these are a starting point. For more information please e-mail: Kipp.Bodnar at gmail dot com.